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Are you tired of endless seminars, awkward team building exercises or are you just in high need of some distraction from your daily tasks?

Come visit the Nostalgia Box and let the games do the talking!
Our museum is filled with over a 100 retro video game consoles and handhelds! Travel through time and learn about the history behind your favourite consoles. The consoles aren’t just for looks, though!
Challenge your workmates to a game of Mario Kart, or let out your pent up energy with some old school Streetfighter!

Corporate event - social club - team bonding - team building

Corporate event

Take the opportunity to have your next corporate event at this awesome location and have the whole place to yourselves. Add a competition to your event and see who will hold the office trophy for being a pro at Mario Kart, or duke it out in any other game of your choice! With our large collection of games, there really is no title too obscure!

Make your corporate event complete with you own drinks. We will set up the eski and tables, and order the food. Everything can be taken care of and all you have to do is bring the drinks and yourselves!

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