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Trying to find the best places for your bucks party? Can’t settle on anything?

Well be ready to dust off your fanny packs, parachute pants, and put on a headband because we have the best location to make your party absolutely RADICAL!!

Party at this Bodacious venue
Northbridge is filled with some of the most wicked places to have your bucks party, but there is one that takes the crown! So hang on tight and enjoy this blast from the past!
The Nostalgia Box is the place to settle those old scores of the past!
Are you still hung up on your mates beating you in Street Fighter all those years ago? Or want to replay some four-player GoldenEye? Have your bucks party at our wicked venue and have a whole video game museum to yourself!

The Nostalgia Box - Bucks Party - Fancy Dress - Playing Games and Having fun

The Nostalgia Box – Bucks Party


With over a 100 video game consoles and handhelds on display, there will be some machines you have never seen before, and they aren’t just for show either.

We have 12 different consoles set up and primed, ready to pump out those retro video game experiences you’ve been craving for years!

Bucks Party - People having fun - The Nostalgia Box

Bucks Party

Tubular tunes
Besides some of the best retro games of the ‘80s and ‘90s, we’ve also got some choice tunes playing as you game to your heart’s content. From the classic hits of days since past, to awesome video game soundtracks. The tunes are all up to you!


Some party options!
Not only will you get to play our complete video game collection but you could even add some extras to the party to take it to the next level.
We can organise a complete tournament for you and your mates with your game of choice! Take your match to the big screen by adding a projector hire.
Order food through us and we’ll make sure the food arrives hot and fresh! Put some BYO in the mix and you’ve got yourself the most radical party of the 21st century!

So what are you waiting for, my dudes?! Contact us and we’ll help you set up your wicked retro party at the Nostalgia box!

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